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Jessica Frandsen

Jess joined Apex in 2005 after graduating from Massey University with a Bachelor of Business Studies majoring in Marketing. As an Account Manager at Apex, Jess is responsible for the management of a large number of Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Jess is a Google Adwords Qualified Individual managing numerous campaigns for our clients across a broad range of industries and a Google Analytics practitioner - skilfully interpreting and analysing web analytics for all clients in her portfolio

Is 'Thin Content' Hurting your Website's Performance?

November 15, 2012
This post focuses on declining website visitor traffic that is likely due to the presence of ‘thin’ content on your website and what you can do to correct and prevent this.

3 Common SEO Guarantees That Need Warning Signs

October 18, 2012
Recently we had an enquiry as to whether we offered SEO guarantees and keyword performance based pricing schemes. Like hundreds of other reputable SEO companies around the world, we don’t offer or promise SEO Guarantees, provide no-contract SEO Plans or offer keyword performance based pricing schemes. Ultimately, in the world of SEO there are simply too many variables to make such promises and guarantees. Companies who do offer SEO guarantees, keyword performance based pricing and SEO plans that don’t require a...

Improve your E-Commerce Store by Fixing 3 Common Issues

September 26, 2012
There are simply dozens of E-commerce mistakes and issues that negatively affect online retailers every day. To list all of these would require a very long post! Three mistakes that I commonly see and think ‘if only they did this or fixed that’ include: lack of helpful product information, a confusing shopping cart check out process, and the presence of product page content duplication. 1. Lack of Helpful Product Information The product information you provide on your site and how you...

Been Bitten By Panda for Duplicate Content?

August 28, 2012
Do you regularly review your website visitor traffic? Noticed a drop off in recent months for reasons unrelated to factors you can rule out? It is possible that it correlates with a recent Google Penguin or Google Panda algorithm update. We suggest comparing these traffic decreases with major updates that have occurred – SEOMOZ have a detailed Google Algorithm Change History timeline that you can use for this exercise. While we are focusing this blog post on duplicate content with regards...

19 Blog Post Ideas To Write About

Being seen as a blogging authority in your industry takes time and a steadfast focus on creating lots of extremely valuable content. For many this latter part starts out well, but then quickly becomes a daily/weekly or monthly struggle and unfortunately oftentimes gets left in the ‘too hard basket’. A common question that clients often ask when starting out with blogging is: ‘What Should I Blog About?’ While you are no doubt an expert on your subject matter, it can be...

6 Standard Blog Features Your Blog Should Have

April 12, 2012
Recently I was looking at this particular website’s blog and I couldn’t help but notice that they were missing some standard blog features. One of the first things I noticed when viewing this site’s blog was that none of their posts had dates, so I had no idea how actively they were blogging or how recent the last blog post was. Additionally, their blog had no categories, just ‘Page 1 of 12’, so I was unsure of the topics covered by...

3 Business Blog Benefits

March 19, 2012
A successful business blog requires website owners to be committed to creating valuable content that people actually want to read. It is important to firstly understand that blogging takes time, but with consistency comes results. Secondly, you should always plan ahead and have a long-term content creation strategy in place to help prevent your business blog from becoming stagnant. If you can commit to taking these two points on board you’ll go a long way to achieving the following 3 business...

Online Marketing For 2012

January 30, 2012
Last year was an exciting year in the online marketing industry - Google certainly kept search marketers busy with multiple of major algorithm changes. With January over already, now is an excellent time to reassess and realign your online goals. So where should you focus your marketing energy and efforts this year? Here are six online marketing strategies worthy of your attention in 2012: 1. Mobile Search Approximately 3 million New Zealanders own a mobile phone or have a Smartphone...

9 User-Friendly Tips For Your Website Forms

January 23, 2012
Getting visitors to your website from an organic search results page or a paid search advertisement such as a Google AdWords text ad, is only step one. Step two involves making sure that these visitors stay on your website and complete what you consider to be your conversion goal. These goals may be to buy something, sign up for your newsletter, become a member, make an enquiry via your contact form - the list goes on – but what they all...

Why You Should Have a Blog on Your Website

October 19, 2011
Like Social Media Marketing everyone seems to be talking about blogs too, so why should you have a blog on your website? First, let’s look at what a blog is: Blogs provide your business with a chance to share your expertise and knowledge with a wider audience. They can be used as a news interface or to create excitement around a service or product that your business offers, allowing you to interact and create dialog with your audience around topics of...
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