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Content Management

easy updates 24/7

You should be able to edit and update your website content when and where you want. That's why all of our websites come with Orbit CMS, a robust, fully supported Content Management System that gives you full control of your content.

Features and benefits of Orbit CMS

Full control of your website
Update headlines, copy, and imagery, post blogs, add or remove pages and more. With Orbit, you'll have the tools you need to keep your website current as your business grows and evolves.
Search engine friendly
Orbit makes it easier for search engines to discover, crawl and index your site because it was specifically designed to meet the technical recommendations and guidelines of the major search engines.
Modular, flexible and expandable
Get exactly the functionality you need with our customised modules, which have been designed to address the unique needs of a variety of businesses and industries. As your needs change, affordably and easily expand your website by adding new modules.
No technical knowledge required
If you can use Microsoft Word™, you can use Orbit CMS. We also offer full training to help you feel confident and in control. And our fantastic support team is just a phone call away if you do get stuck.
Save time
It's your website – you shouldn’t have to wait on someone else to make changes! With a CMS, your web designer’s schedule won’t prevent you from meeting deadlines. Update your website whenever you want. Even in your pyjamas (we won't tell!).
Save money
Without a CMS, you'll find yourself paying for each and every update you require. Plus with an Orbit CMS subscription, you get automatic ongoing updates as we release improvements to our system. There’s no need to pay for updates or wait while they get installed – it all happens automatically.


Total control of your content and website
Search engine friendly
File manager
Tiered user access
Modular - flexible and expandable
Full training
Instant help
Daily website content backups
Anti-hacking security
Google Analytics statistics
Page version control – with easy restore


Social Media Module

Orbit's Social Media module makes it easy for you to stay connected with your existing and prospective customers via Twitter and Facebook.

Using this module you can import and display your recent Twitter and/or Facebook feeds directly on your website. It also includes functionality to enable visitors to 'Like' your content and share it with their friends on Facebook. When the user clicks the 'Like' button on your site, a story appears in the user's friends' News Feed along with a link back to your website. This module also makes it possible for Twitter users to choose to 'follow' you on Twitter directly from your website by clicking the Twitter 'follow' button.

User Management Module

Orbit's User Management module is designed to allow you to restrict public visitor access to specified pages of your website while also making it possible for site administrators and/or visitors to create and manage a user membership profile within a secure section of the website. The module also offers lost password functionality as a standard feature.

Administrators have complete control over the default permissions that are granted to members upon registration, along with the ability to revoke permissions on individual member accounts. The User Management module also supports user groups, whereby selected groups of users can be granted access to specific pages of content on your website.

Developed with flexibility in mind, the User Management module is especially useful if you are integrating other elements of complex functionality into your site - particularly functionality relating to some of Orbit’s advanced modules, such as the Forum module.

Multi-language Module

The Multi-language module lets you display multi-language content on your site. Visitors can select their preferred language and have their selection maintained throughout their browsing session.

Please note that you will need to translate content into alternative languages for use with this module.

Team Module

Orbit's Team module is designed to make it easy for you to manage, categorise and publish the members of your team to your website.

The module offers a variety of options for the display of team member profiles including auto cropping and resizing of images, space for a profile including position in the company, a re-ordering function and department categorisation. The module also allows for the hiding/reinstatement of team members – great for people on maternity or long service leave.

FAQs Module

Orbit's FAQ module is a useful addition to any website, allowing you to provide your visitors with answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about your products or services.

FAQs are often helpful in a presales or a support environment, helping to reduce the volume of common product or service-related enquiries or questions of a technical nature. FAQs are displayed on your site as a list of individual questions, which when clicked on expands to reveal the answer directly below the question. What’s more, all FAQs are searchable when used in conjunction with the Search module.

Image Slideshow Module

The Image Slideshow module allows you to very easily update the banners on your website. You have the option to:

  • Upload any photo to be auto resized/cropped to fit the correct dimensions of the slideshow
  • Add multiple captions
  • Link a slide to a URL either internally or externally
  • Designate specific images to appear on select pages
  • Easily change the order of any image in the slideshow

For enhanced image gallery functionality we strongly recommend using Orbit’s advanced Image Gallery module.

Online Poll / Survey Module

Orbit's Online Survey/Poll/Quiz module allows you to add customised online surveys, polls or quizzes to your website quickly and easily.

Set up an online survey in a matter of minutes and start collecting responses instantly. All results are stored and archived in an organised manner for reporting and future reference, plus you have the option of displaying live results to viewers in real-time.

Hot Specials Module

Orbit's Hot Specials module is designed to make it easy to promote special offers for your products or services on your website. Each special offer you choose to display can include a link through to a separate page containing full details of the product or service being promoted.

Orbit's Hot Specials module functionality includes the ability to set start and end dates for each special, giving you total control over the products or services you choose promote and when you choose to promote them.

Testimonials Module

Collect and display customer testimonials and feedback with Orbit's Testimonials module.

The module offers various display testimonials options (including static or rotating display), as well as the ability to show the author’s name and URL beside their testimonial. Shortened versions of each testimonial can be displayed in specified sections of your site, along with an option to view the complete testimonial on a separate page.

As a site administrator you can opt to receive an email notification each time a new testimonial is submitted via the website, plus each testimonial can be subject to administrator moderation prior to being published.

This module is particularly useful for e-Commerce sites wanting to encourage user-generated feedback about products and services, or websites wanting to utilise the power of customer testimonials to reinforce the credibility of their brand and provide reassurance for potential customers.

Google Maps Module

Orbit's Google Maps module lets you add any number of interactive Google Maps to your website.

Visitors can zoom, scroll and switch between Satellite and Map view, while administrators can add customised markers that reveal useful information about a location upon mouse over (including address information, contact details and an image). In situations where multiple map markers are in use the module allows you to specify a default location marker to be displayed upon page load.

The Google Maps module integrates seamlessly with Orbit’s Real Estate module to improve site usability and enhance property listings on real estate websites.
Google currently allow up to 25,000 map loads per day at no cost, fees may be incurred for high traffic users who exceed this daily limit.

Banner Ad Manager

Orbit's Banner Ad Manager module provides you with complete control over your online banner advertising programme, allowing you to upload and display any number of pre-designed banner ads in specified sections of your site.

The Banner Ad Manager module supports random display of banner ads based on the total number of ads in the group, plus each ad can contain a link through to another page on your website or a third-party website. Banner ads can be set to display for a predetermined period of time (or number of impressions) before expiring, plus the module also records banner ad campaign statistics including the number of impressions and clicks received by each banner.


Orbit's Mail-a-Friend module offers an easy way for your visitors to share useful content on your website with their friends, family and colleagues. Visitors can quickly and easily complete a simple online form that sends a preformatted email to their chosen recipients containing a brief message and a link to the current page.

Search Module

Orbit's powerful Search module supports precise site-wide searches of your website content, making it easy for visitors to quickly find the information they need.

The Search module integrates with all other installed modules to provide you with full site search functionality for the queried search phrase. For example, the Search module will find matching search results within the Image Gallery, Store Management, News, Blog and other installed modules.

e-Commerce Module

Our e-Commerce module provides an easy to manage, fully customisable solution that is perfect for any online business. Our module has been built from the ground up, following extensive research of e-Commerce functionality requirements of clients in various industries; we truly believe that we have developed the best solution available on the market today. Not only that but we are committed to its on-going development and will tailor the module to suit your requirements. No ‘one size fits all’ approach around here. It’s all about giving you the very best tools to create a successful online business.

You benefit from:

Easily upload and manage unlimited products, manage payment, tax and freight options, apply discounts, manage orders and run detailed reports – all developed to save you time.

Using proven conversion optimisation techniques we’ve worked out how to increase your sales by keeping visitors browsing your products and taking action.

As always, search engine optimisation is baked into our module - built to make it easy for search engines to discover, crawl and index your products.

Even when using a third party payment gateway. Your transactions are linked with your Google Analytics account for advanced reporting - allowing you to track exactly where sales are coming from and which sources are bringing you a return on investment.

For more information please see our e-Commerce page.

Blog Module

The Blog module offers you all the flexibility and functionality of a typical online blog tool, making it easy for a site administrator to post conversational content and interact with an online audience. Contributing to a regularly updated blog is a great way to interact with your customers (or potential customers) and helps to reinforce you or your organisation’s position as an expert in your field. What's more, having a blog with fresh content is great way to drive traffic to your website via the search engines.

Readers can provide comments on blog posts which can either be set to display automatically or only following administrator moderation. Furthermore, commenting functionality can be turned off completely if reader interaction or feedback is not desired.

All blog content is categorised by date and topic and is searchable by keyword phrase (when used in conjunction with the Search module). Links to blog archives and the most recent blog posts are provided on all blog pages.

The Blog module also supports RSS (Really Simple Syndication), making it easy for your readers to subscribe to your blog and receive an email notification each time you publish a new post.

Image Gallery Module

The Image Gallery module makes it possible for you to display photos or images on your website in a professional and visually appealing manner.
Using the Image Gallery module visitors to your website can view a series of thumbnail images which when clicked on are enlarged to full-size and displayed using a professional light-box effect with built in navigation (next, previous, first and last) and slideshow functionality.

For the site administrator, the Image Gallery module has been designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind. Simply upload images directly from your PC or camera and have them automatically resized, cropped, compressed and ready for use in predefined areas of your website.

The Image Gallery module also automatically creates thumbnail versions of each image upon upload, plus you can also create multiple albums for easy management, organisation and display of your images.

Calendar Module

The Calendar module offers an easy to use solution for events management and registration and is useful for sports clubs or any organisation involved in running regular and/or multiple events. This module is also regularly used as an availability calendar that allows you to show visitors the dates when your products or services are available or booked out.

Designed and developed with flexibility in mind, the Calendar module allows you to display a useful calendar of events on your web site. Events can be displayed in calendar or list format and can contain a link through to a specific details page. Registration forms/files can be attached to each event, and events or bookings can be set to be automatically removed from the calendar once the event or booking date passes.

Reporting Module

Orbit's Reporting module lets you create detailed reports on any of the information stored in your website’s database.

With a user interface similar to Microsoft™ Access™, the Reporting module is useful for reporting on specific product sales, or creating a custom mailing list from subscribed contacts. This module also has the ability to export data in 'tab delimited' format for viewing and manipulating in MS™ Excel™.

Seekom Module

Seekom Integration is a sophisticated booking management solution that gives you the ability to offer customers real-time availability and instant confirmation of bookings directly on your website.

Hosted Seekom Integration Solution

Our Hosted Seekom Integration Solution is designed specifically to provide owners of rental car websites with a seamless web-based online booking system. The Seekom solution handles all aspects of the online enquiry and booking process, including secure logging and storage of credit card details. Our Seekom solution also makes it easy for you to manage availability and car descriptions and images via one centralised interface.

This Seekom integration service gives you total control over the look and feel of the online booking section of your website, delivering a fully integrated and seamless user experience that is customised to match your existing branding and website design.

Remote Seekom Integration Solution

Our Remote Seekom Integration Solution is designed for use by accommodation providers and rental car websites. Unlike our hosted Seekom solution which integrates all Seekom functionality fully within your own website, our Remote Seekom Integration Solution presents the Seekom interface to your customers via an iFrame, meaning that you are not able to customise the standard look and feel of the user interface to match your brand or website.

Contact Management Module

Orbit's Contact Management module makes maintaining contact information for your customers easy.

As a site administrator you can define any number of fields that you wish to record information on, plus you can track client interactions and correspondence by writing notes about telephone conversations, meetings or any other client interaction. The CRM module also integrates seamlessly with the Email Marketing module, making it easy to send targeted emails and newsletters to specific customer groups. It also integrates well with Orbit's Reporting module and can be used to create customer specific reporting.

Contact details in the CRM module can be exported for use in other business applications or in the Reporting module, which means that by using Orbit's Contact Management module you'll only ever need to maintain one centralised list of up-to-date contact details for all of your clients.

Product Management Module

Orbit's e-Commerce module provides an easy to manage, fully customisable e-Commerce solution perfect for any online business.

Visitors can add items to their shopping cart as they browse through your products and can review and amend cart contents and quantities at any time prior to checkout. The e-Commerce module is extremely flexible, with options to display 'specials' as part of the checkout process, as well as 'one-off' purchasing whereby visitors don't need to register in order to make a purchase.

Administrators can easily upload product related images directly from their PC and have them automatically compressed, resized and cropped to fit predefined display dimensions.

When orders are submitted for processing, the purchase details can either be stored in the database for offline processing or integrated with a secure payments gateway to enable secure online payments in real-time. We recommend Direct Payment Solutions (DPS) as one of the most trusted providers of robust electronic payment solutions and as such we include DPS payment gateway integration as standard with our e-Commerce module. We are also happy to scope and quote for other electronic payments providers as required.

Our ecommerce module comes complete with a Secure Server (SSL) Certificate, which complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Forum Module

Orbit's Forum module offers a complete community building solution that integrates seamlessly with your website to enable users to start or participate in online discussion threads.

This module offers both guest and membership access, and threads can either be 'open' or 'moderated' by a site administrator as required. Discussion threads are organised by topic and can be archived for future reference. Other key Forum module features include email notification of new forum posts, private messaging, sticky topics, member signatures and more. Forum members can also login and modify their profile and contact details.

Please note that if private access to the forum is required this module must be combined with Orbit's User Management module.

Real Estate Module

Developed specifically for the real estate industry, Orbit's real estate module lets you add detailed property listing information for display on your website.

Each listing consists of a summary and a full detail view. Properties can be categorised and searched for based on criteria set by the site administrator. The module also offers the ability to upload images directly from a PC or camera and have them automatically compressed and resized before being added to a predefined location on an individual property listings page. Visitors can view property photographs in a professional slideshow format without the need to navigate away from the individual property listing.

The module also includes a flyer print manager allowing you to create printable PDF flyers for each of your listings with ease. It uses content and images already uploaded in your Real Estate listings and the images are automatically resized to fit the layout of predefined templates.

This module can also be integrated with real estate agency software to automatically import listings and photos from the main agency website. Please note this functionality is not available for all Real Estate Agencies. 





We aim to respond to all messages within 1 business day. You'll be hearing from us soon!

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