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Maximise Your Marketing & Sales Efforts with Marketing Automation

June 21, 2017

If you follow our blog, you may have noticed that we’ve dedicated quite a few posts to email marketing lately. That’s because we’re huge advocates of this incredibly effective form of digital marketing. This week we’re going to dive a little deeper and talk about how you can use automated email marketing to make the most of your existing marketing and sales channels.

When we meet with clients who are looking for a way to scale their existing marketing and lead generation efforts, marketing automation is one of the strategies we discuss. For companies that already have solid marketing and lead nurturing systems in place, marketing automation offers a seamless way of increasing and capitalising on these efforts.

How marketing automation works

Marketing automation is performed by software that is capable of sending out particular emails in response to specific user actions. In many cases, marketing automation can be done using your existing email marketing service, such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Drip. When a prospective customer interacts in a certain way with your website, social media channels or email, a response is triggered. The marketing automation platform lets you define actions and create specific responses to each of them, which may include sending an automated email or alerting your sales team to the behaviour.

Marketing automation removes the manual work of tracking user behaviour and creating individual emails in response to that behaviour. By automating these tasks, you are able to nurture a greater number of leads and hand off warmer leads to your sales team. Instead of spending time sending emails to unqualified leads, your team can focus its efforts on creating compelling email campaigns that can provide returns over and over again.

Another great benefit of marketing automation is that is allows for segmentation. By segmenting your lead database, you can create different campaigns that will appeal to the unique interests and needs of each segment.

Is your company ready to start using marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a smart move for many companies, but it’s not right for everyone. You’ll need to invest a fair amount of time and money into setting up an effective marketing automation system, so you must be sure that it’s a worthwhile investment before proceeding. There are several factors that help determine whether your business can benefit from marketing automation now. Here are some indications that you are ready to set up marketing automation:You have mature and successful marketing and lead generation channels already in place

  • You have existing inbound marketing materials that are already performing well
  • You are enjoying a steady flow of website leads
  • You are successfully turning leads into sales
  • Your sales and marketing teams are ready to scale their efforts to get new leads and sales
  • You understand your customers’ purchasing journey and have a content strategy in place to support that journey
  • You are collecting data about your leads’ actions across your website and other marketing channels (e.g. social media and email marketing)

If you agree with most of these statements, now may be a good time to consider investing in marketing automation.

Achieving success with marketing automation

As with other forms of digital marketing, marketing automation will only be successful if your team is willing to dedicate a considerable amount of time to creating meaningful content. Prospective customers will not be impressed if they receive poorly composed or designed emails that don’t address their immediate questions and needs. Even worse, they could be turned off completely and choose not to engage with your company further.

Aside from the points mentioned above, to achieve real success with marketing automation your company needs to: 

  • Understand that real people will be reading your messages – you must be able to track their interactions with your website or emails to craft messages that address their needs
  • Have existing compelling and relevant content that can be leveraged to create automated responses OR a willingness to create new content that will speak to the real people reading your message. 

This is where Apex Digital can help. Unless you have an in-house marketing team who can set up your marketing automation campaigns and create content, you’ll likely need the help of a digital marketing agency in order to achieve success at marketing automation. Our experienced team of digital marketers knows how to collect crucial customer data, set up segmented campaigns in response to customer data and actions, create relevant and compelling email content and monitor the success of your campaigns once they are live. Long story short, we can handle all aspects of marketing automation so you can scale your existing sales and marketing efforts successfully. To learn more, we encourage you to get in touch with our team today!


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Mark is the Manager of Digital Marketing at Apex and has worked in the digital marketing industry since 2004. Prior to joining Apex he worked in a variety of traditional marketing roles in both the corporate and SME environment in NZ and abroad, but these days much prefers the tangible measurability and transparency of digital marketing.

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