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Why AdWords Remarketing Should be Part of Your Online Strategy

April 27, 2017

If you’re like many of our clients, you have invested a lot of time, effort and money attracting visitors to your website. You probably also know that getting people to visit your website is only half the battle. Once there, these visitors must become paying customers for your traffic generation activities to pay off. 

At Apex Digital, our digital marketing efforts go much further than simply bringing traffic to our clients’ websites. We are committed to helping our clients get targeted website traffic and then doing everything we can to ensure that visitors become customers. To do this, we take a multi-faceted approach, leveraging activities such as conversion rate optimisation and email marketing to help traffic convert. 

But what about those visitors who come to your website, take a quick look around and then leave? If they haven’t made a purchase or provided their email address, the conversion path reaches a dead-end upon their exit. To prevent this from happening, we recommend using a clever digital marketing technique called “remarketing”, which gives previous visitors a gentle reminder to return to your website and, hopefully, complete the buying cycle.

What is remarketing?

There’s a good chance you’ve seen remarketing in action while you’ve been browsing the web. Say for example that you’ve been on a hotel website to plan your next holiday. Later that day, you’re back online and you start seeing ads for that same hotel. If it’s the first time you’ve seen remarketing in action, you might be tempted to think it’s simply a coincidence that you’re seeing this hotel again. In reality, the hotel is advertising specifically to you because of your previous actions on their website.

The goal of remarketing is to help you achieve ‘effective frequency’. This is a marketing term that refers to the number of times an ad needs to be seen before the viewer makes a decision. While effective frequency varies based on industry, ad type and the target market, marketers agree that prospective customers need to see an ad several times before making a purchase. 

Remarketing increases the likelihood that prospective customers will convert by increasing the number of times they see an ad for a product or service. Our remarketing campaigns are designed to show ads to prospects who have visited your website and met some level of engagement or content consumption criteria. This allows you to stay connected with potential customers and build brand awareness.

Benefits of remarketing

When done right, a remarketing campaign offers several benefits: 

    • Increased brand exposure: The likelihood of someone purchasing your product or service increases as the individual becomes more familiar and comfortable with your brand.
    • Higher conversion rates: An increase in brand exposure leads to better conversion rates because it keeps your company fresh in the minds of potential customers.
    • Precise audience controls: We can help define a very specific target audience for your remarketing campaign, allowing you to achieve the best results possible. The targeted audience can be defined based on interests, demographics and their previous actions on your website (for example, if they left your site during checkout).
    • Flexible budget: You’ll have complete control of your budget and can make changes in real time to ensure optimal ROI.
    • Detailed insights: As with other Google advertising tools, you’ll have access to detailed reporting that will provide insights into your remarketing performance. With our help, your message and target audience can be tweaked and refined to ensure your remarketing campaigns are successful.

Setting up a Google Remarketing campaign

To set up a Google remarketing campaign, you may need to make some small changes to your analytics tracking code plus you’ll need to make sure your privacy policy is updated to advise users of how they can opt-out of AdWords remarketing. Then you need to define and build your audience. For example, you could create an audience containing users who viewed certain product pages and present them with your ad the next time they land on pages within the Google Display Network.

Technically, anyone can set up a remarketing campaign using Google’s online tools. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! As with AdWords, you run the risk of wasting advertising dollars if the campaigns are not set up correctly or targeted effectively. If you’re new to remarketing, we highly recommend working with a digital agency that’s experienced in remarketing on the Google Display Network.

Our Google AdWords Remarketing Service

At Apex Digital, we develop comprehensive Google Remarketing campaigns designed to help you make the most of your remarketing efforts. Our service includes two vital components – set up and active management of your remarketing campaigns.

Google AdWords Remarketing Campaign Setup

Our full-service Google Remarketing campaign set up includes: 

  • Identifying the specific audiences that you should target, based on the goals of your campaign
  • Implementing the required Google Analytics tracking code on selected pages of your website (or advising your IT team on how to do this)
  • Designing compelling advertisements that will entice visitors to return to your website
  • Implementing the campaign and helping you define an appropriate budget
  • Providing advice on how your Privacy Policy should be updated in compliance with Google's Terms and Conditions 

Active Management of your Google AdWords Remarketing Campaign

After the campaign has been set up, we actively monitor your campaign to ensure it is running as expected and achieving results. If the campaign is not performing well, we will bring it to your attention and make changes as quickly as possible to ensure your campaign is a success. Our management service includes: 

  • Active bid management to ensure your advertising dollars are wisely spent
  • Managing the placement of your ads in optimal locations and excluding any websites that you don’t wish to advertise on
  • Providing regular detailed reports on your remarketing campaigns
  • Recommending creative changes to your ads to ensure they are producing the desired results

Are you ready to give remarketing a go?

Many of our remarketing clients have experienced a noticeable improvement in their sales numbers after using our remarketing service. If you’re not already using remarketing, we encourage you to try it out. If you’re already using remarketing but aren’t happy with the results, we welcome you to get in touch with us so we can suggest ways to improve your efforts.

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Mark is the Manager of Digital Marketing at Apex and has worked in the digital marketing industry since 2004. Prior to joining Apex he worked in a variety of traditional marketing roles in both the corporate and SME environment in NZ and abroad, but these days much prefers the tangible measurability and transparency of digital marketing.

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